“After a second hospitalization for complications following a knee replacement, I was struggling to keep everything straight with my medications, therapies and multiple doctor’s appointments. When Andrea Gill became my nurse advocate I wasn’t even sure what she would be doing. Now I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without her. She was such a blessing to me and genuinely cared about my recovery. She helped me get my medications organized and created a list that I can easily share with all of my doctors. She was also able to make sure that my primary care doctor and all of my specialists were communicating with each other and that everyone was on the same page. Seeing the confidence that my physicians had in Andrea gave me peace of mind and reassured me that I was getting the care I needed. I am doing much better now and am back to work and the gym.”


                                                                                                                                                                                        Ed T. , February 2020

“After seeing a doctor for sudden hearing loss I realized I did not have much of an understanding of my condition or how the healthcare system even works. I was feeling overwhelmed and frankly distressed and didn’t know where to turn. Andrea Gill led me through each step of my diagnosis and helped me set up the necessary testing and understand what the doctors were telling me. I felt comfortable and at ease and could focus on my healing instead of worrying that I was missing something important. She participated in my doctor’s visits and asked questions I didn’t even know needed to be asked. The best part was knowing that I had someone working with me that had my best interests in mind.”


                                                                                                                                                                     Clayton S., February 2020

"As an elderly woman with a number of medical issues, I was having many problems understanding and following my doctor's directions and medication recommendations.  I was referred to Andrea Gill of Carolina Patient Advocates. She has made my medical care and treatment less confusing by scheduling and participating in appointments and assuring that both the doctor and I are communicating all my health issues and concerns.  She keeps all of my medical history organized and is able to help me effectively communicate with the many specialists who participate in my care. Having Andrea as my advocate relieves me of all the stress that used to go along with my healthcare." 


Vicki O.,  October 2019

"Ms. Gill was the Patient Advocate for my late husband.  She was dedicated to taking the worry off of us by scheduling and attending appointments, talking to doctors, and explaining medical information to us.  She also coordinated with Hospice and made sure that we understood all of our options. When I look back at this difficult time, I know Andrea’s professional advocacy allowed us to have more precious time together with less stress and worry.  She was respected as part of our medical team and they all thought it was wonderful to have her as our advocate."

Janet S., November 2019

"As the out-of-town daughter of two aging parents, 86 and 92, Tom Nagle has been a tremendous help to my family. I live about two hours from my parents and was finding it difficult to support them from a distance. More than once I needed to quit my job and go to help them. My brother and I knew something needed to be done in terms of an extra level of support.


Tom is almost always available to discuss health issues, answer questions and give us guidance on what next steps should be. Tom has gone to medical appointments with my parents and subsequently reported back to me. I found this very comforting as it is difficult sometimes for my parents to ask the right questions, remember what the doctors say and understand what the doctors mean.


Tom has been extremely helpful in emergency situations as well. Once my father needed to go to the emergency room and Tom met them there and interacted with the medical community. He called me during and after that event to keep me apprised of the situation. It was such a comfort to have him “on the ground” in such a time of need. 

In addition to his medical competency, Tom is also a very comforting presence emotionally for my mother in particular. He listens to her concerns and makes her feel attended to and respected. She has called on Tom a number of times when she was worried about either her health or my father’s health and he has patiently answered her questions. I would recommend Carolina Patient Advocates for anyone in our situation where  parents and children live far apart. We are so fortunate to have  his services."

Ruth P.,  January 2019

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