Shared Decision Making

"Shared Decision Making is a collaborative approach where patients are provided with evidence-based information on treatment choices and are encouraged to use this information to have an informed dialogue with their physicians to help them make the healthcare decisions that best align with their values, preferences, and lifestyle."

– Peter D. Goldbach, M.D., Modern Healthcare, April 2013

Receiving a new, complex, or even life-changing medical diagnosis from your doctor can be overwhelming and disheartening. You may find yourself scared, abandoned, and frustrated with more questions than answers. Our increasingly complex health care system often leaves you misinformed or underinformed, and skeptical of who you can trust for clear, concise medical information.

We believe that each of our clients are unique individuals who deserve to be treated with respect, empathy and understanding; and whose values, goals, and priorities should always be considered as a priority. At the same time, we recognize that having accurate medical information and a thorough understanding of your diagnosis are essential to making informed decisions about your care.

By applying the Shared Decision-Making process, our experienced Patient Advocates can assist you, your loved ones, and your doctors/specialists in making health care decisions together. We provide you with internationally-respected, unbiased, and up-to-date evidenced-based medical information, and take the time to ensure that you and your loved ones understand your treatment options. We will take the time needed to provide you with information at your own pace so that you can determine your best way forward.


Let us provide you with clarity, guidance, and peace of mind so that you can come up with the decision that that is right for you.

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