In the Hospital/Emergency Department

"If there is one place that you do not want to be when you are sick, it is the hospital." 

– Heather Boerner, Physician Leadership Journal    March/April 2016

Our North Carolina hospital systems are extremely complex, with millions of moving parts, and while many of our health systems continue to be actively engaged in efforts to improve patient safety, we still have a long way to go. A highly regarded 2013 research study published in the Journal of Patient Safety indicated that over 400,000 patient deaths occur each year nationwide as a result of preventable adverse medical events, which include hospital-acquired infections, medication errors, and communication errors, just to name a few.


Carolina Patient Advocates can offer you and your loved ones peace of mind in knowing that whenever you need us, you can have an experienced, professional Nurse Patient Advocate by your side; someone who you can trust so that Your Voice is Heard and your health care wishes are carried out. Your Patient Advocate will work to prevent medical errors, be proactive in anticipating your health care needs, and ensure open and accurate communication between you, your loved ones, and your healthcare team.


Carolina Patient Advocates can make a difference!

Help keep you safe

Ensure that you are in a safe medical environment with systems in place to prevent medical errors and minimize hospital-acquired infections. Use our extensive nursing experience to assess your surroundings, ensure that you are in a safe environment and minimize the risk of patient falls or injury. 

Take the time to ensure that you understand your medical diagnosis

We can provide education and open discussion with you and your loved ones regarding a new diagnosis, and complex chronic diseases. We understand that a hospitalization can be overwhelming and will take the needed time to provide you with information at your own pace when you are ready.

Ensure the accuracy of your patient information

Be proactive in ensuring your medications, allergy information, and medical records are correct and up to date. We can coordinate care with all members of your healthcare team to ensure that you have an accurate diagnosis and prevent conflicting medical information.

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