Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Carolina Patient Advocates work with?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a new medical diagnosis, recent hospitalization, or long standing medical condition? Have you reveived conflicting medical advice and are not sure where to turn? Do you fear something is being missed or overlooked? Do you need someone by your side that you can trust to look out for your best interests? Let us help! Whether you are in the hospital, at home, or have a long distance loved one in North Carolina, we are committed to offering outstanding customer service and personalized support that is affordable and tailored to your needs. We can meet with you in person to discuss the health issues that are critically important to you now and will help you determine the best way to approach these challenges.

How can Carolina Patient Advocates simplify my healthcare?

Carolina Patient Advocates, PLLC is a unique healthcare company designed from the beginning with your needs in mind. We offer you individualized health advocacy solutions and support to guide you through the complexities of our healthcare system. We can ease your burdens and offer experienced guidance to help you and your loved ones make choices that are right for you!

Where in North Carolina are your services offered?

We serve the Winston Salem/Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountians and Charlotte regions of North Carolina.

Why should I hire an Independent Patient Advocate? Isn't that what my doctor is for?

Ideally, yes. However, healthcare providers today have limited time and resources, and cannot offer the support they once did. We can optimize the care you receive by working with your providers and specialists to promote open communication and 'keep everyone on the same page.' We can ask questions on your behalf, provide education and ensure that you and your loved ones understand your new diagnosis or complex chronic condition. We will take the needed time to provide you with information at your own pace, when you are ready.

Do you offer Nursing or Medical services?

Carolina Patient Advocates, PLLC is a private patient advocacy consulting service that offers support and guidance to ease the process of navigating our complex healthcare system. Although our Patient Advocates are Registered Nurses, we do NOT provide Nursing, Legal, or Medical Services.

Can you offer me a medical diagnosis or second opinion?

Carolina Patient Advocates, PLC will NOT perform physical exams, offer a medical diagnosis, order diagnostic tests, prescribe medications or offer second opinions. However, we can help you and your loved ones better understand your choices and treatment optons, and if necessary, identify the most highly regarded doctors and hospitals for you based on your diagnosis and medical needs.

How do you determine which doctor I should see?

Once you retain us as your advisor and advocate, we will get to know who you are as a person and seek to understand your values, preferences and lifestyle. We strongly believe that you are at the center of your healthcare team and will empower you to choose the right doctors, best hospitals and safest treatment options/alternatives.

Can I engage your services on behalf of a loved one?

Yes, depending on the situation, our services can be retained on behalf of a loved one or family member. However, there are circumstances regarding HIPAA and information sharing that will need to be clarified in advance. For more information please contact us to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Does Carolina Patient Advocates offer pricing packages?

We are committed to offering outstanding customer service and personalized support that is affordable and tailored to your needs. Your patient advocate can be available to work with you for as much or as little time as you need us. Our services can be priced at a one-time package rate or on an hourly basis. However, for those individuals requiring more intensive, continuing care, our services can be retained at a monthly rate.

Is my personal and health information protected?

Carolina Patient Advocates will protect all personal and health information and maintain secured files in accordance with HIPAA standards. We will share medical information only when directed to do so by you.

How do I hire Carolina Patient Advocates?

Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation, 20-minute phone consultation to determine whether our services are a good fit for you and your loved ones. During that phone call we will breifly discuss your healthcare concerns, goals, and questions to determine if Carolina Patient Advocates can help you acheive your goals. Once you retain us as your advisor and advocate we will schedule a 1-2 hour in-person initial evaluation where we will discuss your needs in greater detail and outline the services that we can provide to help you optimize your medical care and meet those goals.