Provider Visits


Your Nurse Patient Advocate will help you make the most of your time with your healthcare providers to ensure that important information is being communicated and followed up. 


With empathy and understanding we can ease your burdens and offer experienced guidance to help you and your loved ones make choices that are right for you!


Let Us Help You Bridge the Gap to the Healthcare You Deserve.


Carolina Patient Advocates can make a difference!

Accompany you and your loved ones to medical appointments

Let us help you or your loved ones prepare for any upcoming appointments with your primary care doctor or specialists. Prior to the appointment, we will review your medical history, presenting symptoms, medications and allergy information to ensure that all medical records are accurate and up to date.

Promote wellness and manage chronic medical conditions

We will work with your health care team and specialists to assist you in effectively managing multiple chronic medical conditions. By utilizing a diet and lifestyle management approach to your health and healing, our integrative support will help you improve your overall well-being.

Offer guidance, support and education to you and your loved ones 

We will ensure that you and your loved ones understand their medical diagnosis, and provide education and open discussion with all regarding a new diagnosis or complex chronic condition. We will take the needed time to provide you with information at your own pace, when you are ready.

Help support you and your caregivers

Let us help ease your burdens and stress during this extremely challenging time. We can provide patient and family caregivers with the proper emotional and spiritual support necessary to promote health, healing and vital well-being at home or in assisted living.